One of my favourite things is showing others the positives in special needs parenting. People are so used to hearing the deficits, the negatives and the discrimination, when it comes to autism, in particular, that it can be hard to break through with a more positive viewpoint.

Despite the many challenges, there are positives to be found in the special needs parenting journey, which is why this website exists. There will always be stories of tragedy, judgement and loss when it comes to disability but, it’s vital we counterbalance these views with the positives too.

As parents, it’s crucial we accept there are positives to be found, especially on the really tough days when finding anything positive seems impossible. It’s on those days, when we’re close to tears and ready to curl up in a ball, that we need to celebrate even the smallest of wins. Even if it’s getting to the toilet by yourself or managing to drink half of your coffee while it’s still warm!

The wonderful Chrissie from Chaos to Calm Consultancy hosts an inspiring blog series called Families Winning at Life and it was an absolute pleasure to share our story as part of her series. She loves featuring families who have not let a diagnosis (or many!) stop them from living life to the fullest. It’s an upbeat, fun and inspiring series, the perfect anecdote to the negative narratives.