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Hi there! I’m Kirsty Russell – author, speaker, advocate, consultant and mother to three wonderful kids. I’m a parent, and a taxi driver, and a personal assistant, and a hostage negotiator, and a private chef and… well, all those jobs that go part-and-parcel with being a Mum!

Kirsty Russell - positivespecialneedsparenting.comI’ve been sharing my experiences about caring for my kids, advocating for their needs and looking after myself as a carer for a while now. I’ve been lucky enough to work with service providers to help them better understand the needs of not just children with disability, but their parents and families too. I’ve also been privileged to share the stories and experiences of fellow parents, having a laugh about the good times and supporting each other through the rough parts.

Being a parent to a child with a diagnosis is a unique and challenging experience, but not an unrewarding one. I make it my mission to find the joys in this whole ugly mess we call life, and to share the positives. It is my belief that building strong connections with others, learning to be a powerful advocate for our children, and choosing to find the positives in our experiences makes us better parents, happier families and stronger individuals.


Finding the joy every day isn’t always easy, but it is essential for a physically and mentally healthy family. Discover strategies, resources and tools to help you.


Building positive relationships with parents can be a challenge. Discover tools, resources and training to help you engage parents and improve outcomes.

Service Providers

Your mission is to support parents in making the best choices for their children. An experienced parent advocate can help you engage authentically with clients.

5 Myths About Using Online Platforms to Find Support Workers

For this weeks' "5 Things" post, I welcome Lauren from Careseekers, an online digital platform that links individuals and families to care and support workers. Careseekers is built on the idea that...

The Emotional Labour of Special Needs Parenting

I've been quiet around these parts as I'm developing training for teachers and professionals, to help them improve relationships with parents. As I've been working on course material and delivering...

7 Realistic New Year Resolutions for Carers

A few years back I wrote a post detailing the new year resolutions I would love to make as a special needs parent. I'm sure you'd be able to probably relate to them as well: Being more patient...

2018 PSNP Parent Carer Survey

Calling all parents and carers to children with disability or special needs.   I need your input into the 2018 PSNP Parent Carer Survey. This survey is easy to complete (there's only 6...

3 Reasons the NDIS May Decline Your Claim for Support

This post is a follow on from 5 Things Special Needs Parents Should Know About the NDIS. In this post, my guest NDIS planner further explains 3 reasons the NDIS may decline your claim for support...

What I Wish You Knew About Special Needs Parenting

I wish you knew how unrelenting special needs parenting can be.  To be fair, I sometimes don't realise how much constant pressure I'm under. I'm too busy most days, trying to keep afloat, to analyse...

Resolutions I’d Love to Make as a Special Needs Parent (But Know I Can’t Keep)

As we enter a new year, it's tempting to make all sorts of resolutions. I've done it before. image source   You get sucked into the whole "new year, new me" mindset and set all sorts of lofty...

How to make time for yourself as a carer

One of the biggest challenges I face as a special needs parent is finding time for myself. It's not easy, in between writing, parenting, medical appointments, after school activities, housework,...

The truth of grieving

I read a guest post over at Champagne Cartel earlier in the week about dealing with grief. It was a beautifully written post by Robyna from The Mummy and the Minx and it gave me a huge lightbulb...

The truth of palliative care

I had a lot of time to think and reflect while I sat by my father's bedside in those last few days. His decline was quick and relentless. On Wednesday we were preparing for another shot at...

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