I’m Kirsty Russell and I’m the busy bee behind Inclusive Parenting. I’m lots of things to different people – author, speaker, consultant, wife, mother, carer, taxi driver, personal assistant, hostage negotiator, private chef and anything else that’s required!

Kirsty Russell - positivespecialneedsparenting.comI remember how lonely it was when we received the first of my son’s many diagnoses. I knew no-one else facing similar challenges and I felt as if it was me against the world. It took me a long time, and lots of trial and error, to find my feet as a parent of a child with a disability. To be honest, I’m still finding my way as my kids grow older and move through their teenage years.

In 2011 I began a blog to share my experiences and help others get through that initial period of isolation. In the decade since the blog has transformed into a website to help parents and providers come together to get the best outcome for their kids. I hope the information and advice shared here helps you in your own journey.

Feel free to share anything that may help others in a similar situation and get in touch if you have any questions.


In 2011, I began my work as a parent advocate at My Home Truths. In the six years I maintained the site, it grew to be recognised as a respected voice in the disability parenting sector. It was named as a Bupa Blog Award finalist in 2016 for the quality advice and genuine support it provided.

Building on that reputation, I’ve spoken to parents, special education teachers and professionals on a range of topics at community and professional forums. I’ve delivered teacher information sessions, parent support presentations, addressed local community groups and been a featured speaker at a local travel expo.

I’ve been on radio, print and TV media, discussing autism, albinism and general parenting subjects. I presented two sessions to delegates at the 2017 Asia Pacific Autism Conference (APAC) in Sydney and was invited to present a plenary session and workshop at APAC 2019 in Singapore. 

I’ve worked on projects with small and large organisations, such as CatholicCare, Autism Spectrum Australia and One Stop Sensory Shop. I’ve created program outlines, delivered parent information sessions, presented information at staff training days and developed email marketing campaigns.

In 2017, I published a guide to travelling as an autism family, Autism Family Travel, to help other families get out there and travel. I’m currently a community representative on Newcastle City Council’s Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee (DIAC), assisting council with the implementation of the Disability Inclusion Action Plan and advising on local matters related to disability inclusion in Newcastle.

I’m passionate about helping families, schools, community organisations and disability service providers. I’m committed to helping all stakeholders better understand and support children, to improve working relationships and achieve better outcomes.  Let me help you too.


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