I’m a little blocked when it comes to the blog lately. I have no shortage of ideas swirling through my brain but I can make none of them stick.

I could complain about how busy I am right now. How work is manic and home is chaotic. How I seem to never have a moment to myself. How I have had to ferry 3 unwilling kids around to various appointments each day this week.

I could talk about Gilbert. How he retreats to play his game every afternoon and will only respond with nods and shakes of his head when approached. How he is coping at school yet struggling at home.  How, despite this, he is making great strides in trying to let us know how he is feeling.

I could talk about Matilda. How well she is going at school at the moment. How she still desperately misses our old house. How she yearns to have some playdates with her classmates.

I could talk about Delilah. How she is one part sweetness, one part adorable, one part intelligent and one part devil. How she is asserting her independence. How she is developing self-help skills that her siblings are still trying to master.

I could talk about my renewed struggle with my mental health. How my new job is satisfying but stressful. How I don’t feel confident in any part of my life at the moment. How my brain just won’t stop each night.

I could talk about our house plans. About my first week of Weight Watchers. About how I manically cleaned our house for a rental inspection earlier this week.

But, I’m too tired to go into any of that in any great detail.

Each night this week I have finally sat down after completing my chores and have been completely spent. Overwhelmed by the demands of the day. Anxious about what tomorrow would bring. Unable to settle my thoughts or quiet my mind.

So here I am, rambling on. But at last I have lifted some of what I am feeling off my chest. And I do feel better for it.

Tonight I hope to sleep a little easier.

And tomorrow shouldn’t be feared, it should be welcomed. I just need to keep reminding myself of that.

At least I have a tomorrow to welcome. That’s definitely something to be thankful for.