You may not believe me but I can be quite organised when I try.

It’s just the trying part, and the being bothered part, that normally elude me!

As I set out last week, one of my goals for the year is to be more organised. And to be honest, it’s to the benefit of everyone if I can make that work.

Striving to be more organised is by no means a new idea for me. A few years ago I wrote a post about managing back to school anxiety and being organised was a big part of my approach then as well.

Organisation is one of the keys to helping kids with autism be more comfortable in daily life, better cope with change and to understand what is expected of them. I know, for instance, my kids thrive on calendars, routines, schedules and timetables.

Visual cues help them through even the most minor of changes and provide a greater sense of certainty. There is also an added element of comfort and control over their day when they can see it laid out before them.

Being organised also assists us, as parents, to better guide our kids through the transition process. It helps us prepare responses to their questions, build up our own patience and understanding and remain positive in the face of their anxiety and negativity.

So being organised is definitely one of the more practical ways to lessen return to school stress and anxiety, for every child, not only those on the spectrum.

As we are edging closer to the start of another school year, I shared some of my ideas over at The Organised Housewife and I’d love you to check them out. I’d also love to hear your own techniques for lessening back to school anxiety for your kids.

Organisation ideas for the return to school


You can check out my post by clicking the link below:




So what other tips would you add to the list?