This week I have had the opportunity to watch how my kids play and interact while at home for the school holidays. I now know some interesting things which I thought I would share…

1. Last week I would have said my son didn’t play with toys. He usually spends his time at home watching TV or drawing pictures or writing comics or reading. He doesn’t often just play with things in an imaginative way (he is a facts boy, after all!)

2. This week, I have seen him playing with a Lego Ninjago figure and I have been spellbound by it all. From the moment he got it as part of a kids magazine he insisted on building it himself (I am usually the Lego Foreman around here, he never wants to build things himself) and I have loved listening to him setting up scenarios and concocting missions for it to complete.

3. I’ll be honest and say that I have not been so spellbound by some of the language he has used as part of his game. He seems to be quite taken with some not ideal language that can be found in the Toy Story films (his favourites are moron, idiot and doofus – charming) which he thinks are fine to use because they are not swear words and are in a G rated film. Sigh…great logic but terrible words, regardless.

4. Both kids have been on mini sleepovers and came back happy and ready to go again next time.  Gilbert in particular had a wonderful time before the weather turned bad while Matilda was disppointed she didn’t get to do as many things on her turn later in the week. But it was still amazing to let them go for a few days and see them come back happy and with an even better relationship with their grandparents.

5. The kids have also enjoyed lots of social interaction this week as we flit from playdate to playdate. They have met up with friends at an indoor play centre, visited a local all-abilities park with their scooters, gone to tennis coaching and shared morning tea at a local shopping centre.

6. Today they are off to the newly opened Newcastle Museum where Gilbert is going to meet up with his best friend from school for a one-on-one catch-up. It’s wonderful to see his excitement for both the outing and or seeing his friend!

7. Matilda also enjoyed a successul one-on-one playdate earlier this week with a friend from tennis coaching. She had a wonderful time at her friend’s house, playing with her collection of My Little Ponies and taking turns being the big sister!

All in all, I know that I am a proud mother this week seeing how well my kids are playing and interacting with others. It shows fantastic progress and I can’t wait to see how much more progress they will make in the coming year!