As we careen towards the end of the year I have found myself comparing where we are now to where we were at the same time last year.

This time last year we were finding our way after Matilda’s Aspergers diagnosis and trying to work out the best way to help her.

At the same time we were worrying about Gilbert’s imminent transition to mainstream, desperately hoping we had made the right decision.

I must say, the change that a year has made is amazing and I have a LOT to be thankful for.

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Then…I was still having to set my son’s clothes out every morning and often having to physically aid him to get dressed after lots of begging and pleading and drama.

Now…he often gets dressed before I’m even ready for the day and there’s no fights and no drama – he just knows that’s what he needs to do.

Then…Matilda dreaded going to school and more often than not had to be comforted by an aide, sobbing, as I said goodbye and proceeded to cry myself all the way to work.

Now…Gilbert and Matilda happily wave goodbye to me at the school gate and I drive away knowing they will be okay and that I will be okay too.

Then…we could not find a way to motivate Gilbert to go to school and he would be disruptive and uninterested at times in class.

Now…he is getting glowing reports in his communication book and he even asked me the other day not to tell his teacher that he had been naughty at home!

Then…Matilda would resist going to bed as she suffered nightmares and night-terrors nearly every evening as she struggled to cope with her anxieties.

Now…she is able to calm and settle herself at night by reading and she rarely suffers from nightmares or from restless sleep.

There are so many other areas that have improved in the last year for both my school-aged kids. And I am so thankful that they have been able to make such progress, when we were so very worried for both of them this time last year.

Let’s hope even more positive progress can be made in the next year as well…