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Head lice really is my mortal enemy. And that is NO exaggeration.

Ever since I first detected those little critters in Matilda’s hair at the tender age of 3, I’ve been determined to see them off for good.

I’ve been fighting the good fight for nearly 8 years now and I’m totally over it.

I’ve tried chemicals. I’ve tried sprays. I’ve even spent hundreds of dollars at a dedicated head lice salon which worked a treat for a few months. Until Matilda came into contact with someone else with head lice at school.

Yep, thanks for that. That’s money I’ll never see again…

It’s seems to be a never-ending fight, a fight I’m destined never to win.

Until now.

I was desperate for a new way to deal with head lice so I jumped at the chance to try the Licetec V-Comb, a patented revolutionary device that incorporates both a combing and vacuum function to effectively eliminate traces of head lice and eggs.

Licetec V-Comb -

Yes, it has a mini-vacuum inside the unit – what an ingenious way to deal with the hassle of head lice!

In addition to being both 100% chemical and allergen free, the Licetec V-Comb is also guaranteed to operate seamlessly on all hair types without creating a mess. It uses a unique capture filter to catch lice and live eggs, reducing the chance of lice being transferred into your own hair during treatment (which has happened to me before).

The device does not kill the head lice or the eggs – instead it hygienically removes live head lice and eggs from the hair into the capture filter which can then be disposed of safely and securely. So don’t be freaked out if you see movement in the filter after treatment, especially if you do find live lice in your child’s hair.

When dealing with an outbreak of lice (as we did), it’s recommended to undertake a full treatment with the Licetec V-Comb each day for 14 days. This will ensure that the initial infestation is removed as well as any residual lice and eggs that may remain.

I trialled the Licetec V-Comb on Matilda, Delilah and myself. We were all very interested in the novelty of using a virtual vacuum on our hair and keen to see whether this innovative way of treating lice would actually work.

Now there are a lot of positives with this device:

  • There are no chemicals or allergy causing agents making this ideal for kids with sensitivities
  • There is no need to use shampoo or conditioners as the device is directly applied to dry hair
  • There is no requirement to use smelly or irritating solutions
  • It is THE most effective way of removing lice that I have ever seen – and with my history with battling lice, that is definitely saying something!
  • It is easy to use and operate
  • I loved the built in LED light that made it easy to check the girls’ hair throughout the treatment


Licetec V-Comb with LED light -

But there are a few negatives I need to share:

  • It is reasonably noisy when in operation and has the potential to irritate children sensitive to sound
  • If you don’t thinly section and pre-brush the hair, the metal comb can get caught in the hair, making it a potentially painful process
  • In my opinion this device is not suited to kids who already dread intensive combing or who have sensory sensitivities relating to their head or hair


To see the Licetec V-Comb in action, check out my quick video review below:

Unfortunately, Matilda, with all her sensory sensitivities, did not enjoy using the device. She has really thick hair and it took a long time to section and go through each part of her hair each night. She has always detested the process of brushing and the metal comb did tend to pull and catch her hair, as much as I tried to be careful.

However, the comb was able to get to areas of her hair that I have never been able to reach properly before with conventional home treatments and for the first time in a long time, she is lice free! Check out the amount of lice that the Licetec V-Comb was able to free from her hair during the first treatment (yes, I’m as appalled as you are!)

After initial treatment with Licetec V-Comb -

Delilah, on the other hand, complained a lot less throughout her treatment. Her hair is finer and easier to brush and section so it was so much easier to treat her. Plus, she had less lice to remove so overall it was a much more positive and pleasant process. This is the result of her first treatment (much better!)

After initial treatment with Licetec V-Comb (lesser infestation) -

For my part, I found the Licetec V-Comb easy to use on my own hair too. It did hurt if it unexpectedly caught my hair but I didn’t find it overly painful and I loved the fact that it can be re-used again and again (provided you follow the cleaning instructions in between treatments).

Additional capture filters can be purchased for $11.49 (8 pack) which makes this a very affordable and effective way to treat and prevent head lice. The unit itself retails for $64.99 which I think provides great lifetime value for the whole family.

Since I have NO idea how much I have spent over my lifetime on lice treatments I can only guess that I’ve spent way more than that…

The Licetec V-Comb is definitely an effective way to deal with head lice and if your child is not overly upset by using a metal comb in their hair, this is a great investment, in terms of both treatment and prevention.

For kids like my sensitive Matilda however, this may not be the head lice solution for you. But I would definitely recommend giving it a try, if only to have the chance to eradicate the little critters for good.

The Licetec V-Comb is available at Priceline, Amcal and your local pharmacy. It can also be purchased online, together with an extensive range of head lice fighting accessories, to ensure you too can finally win the war!


Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this post, however I did receive a complimentary Licetec V-Comb unit (rrp. $64.99) for the purposes of this review. All my views and opinions, as always, are honest and 100% my own.