For this weeks’ “5 Things” post, I welcome Lauren from Careseekers, an online digital platform that links individuals and families to care and support workers. Careseekers is built on the idea that technology should be an enabler, not a roadblock, to connecting individuals and families with care and support workers. Careseekers promotes choice and control over care and support for participants and facilitates work opportunities for care and support workers. Lauren is here today to bust some myths about using online platforms to find support workers.


You may use Uber to get places, Airbnb for holidays and Airtasker to get your windows cleaned, but you may not be sure about using online platforms to find support workers for your child. While lots of families are starting to use them and are loving the flexibility and choice, we understand if you still feel a bit wary.

Today on the Positive Needs Parenting blog we wanted to demystify thoughts people may have around platforms. We are also here to answer any questions so please feel free to get in touch with us directly by giving us a call on 1300 765 465 or email

Here are some common myths around using online platforms to find support workers and the surprising truths behind them.



5 Myths About Using Online Platforms to Find Support Workers


It’s too expensive

Without the overheads of a brick and mortar business, such as an agency who employs workers themselves, online platforms can be surprisingly affordable for families. For instance, Careseekers brings together independent care workers and people needing care or support. This allows workers to set their own rates, which are significantly less than those charged by larger agencies (who need to cover more costs). This means Careseekers provides an affordable way to access care and support.


It’s too much hard work

If the thought of posting a job, inviting support workers to apply and waiting for a response sounds all too hard, we get it. That’s why at Careseekers we are more than just a platform and are happy to help you post your job, shortlist candidates so that you get the benefits of choosing exactly who is right for your family without having to get involved in the admin. It really isn’t all that complicated or overly hard work.


You have to be self managed

Platforms like Careseekers can be used by all NDIS participants including those who are plan managed, agency managed or self managed. We have custom built our platform to suit everyone. For example, if you are agency managed we can draw down on your agency funding. If you are plan managed, we can automatically send invoices to your plan managers and if you are self managed, we’ll we just send the invoices straight to you!


There are no back up support workers

Reliable support workers are essential for a smooth running family. We totally get this. Although we are not an agency, we can definitely make sure you aren’t left in the lurch if a support worker cancels on you last minute:

  • We recommend that you interview 2 or 3 support workers and make sure you keep their numbers so you have other people to call if someone doesn’t show up.
  • You can share numbers between support workers so that it’s their responsibility to find a replacement.
  • As we have a platform of hundreds of workers, you can send out urgent requests to local care workers or call our customer support team who can do this on your behalf.

We should add that care and support workers who are engaged directly by families and paid above industry rates have much high rates of reliability and low rates of leaving jobs. So, by using a platform like Careseekers you are actually reducing the risk of a care worker not showing up.


It’s not safe

We put all care workers through a thorough onboarding process, including checking up to date police checks, calling references and checking WWWC status ( when working with children.)

Not only do you get a safe and trusted care worker, but we also match personality traits, interests and things that are important to YOU as a family. When a worker from Careseekers joins a family as a support worker they are working for themselves and end up being a huge support to the whole family – not just the child who they have been engaged to support.


We hope this information has busted a few myths and given you the confidence to consider using an online platform for your support worker needs. We like to think of technology being an enabler, so if you are one of those techy types just visit and start searching for local support workers today.

We look forward to helping your family. If you need a bit more help please feel free to call us on 1300 765 465 or email us We are more than just a platform and are here to help you connect to a great team of support!

Author Bio:

Careseekers was set up by sister duo Marissa Sandler and Lauren Hockley in 2015. The idea came from the personal experiences their family had supporting their grandparents remain at home as they aged. They wanted to support other individuals and families to connect with workers and recognised technology as a great way to make this happen. They work closely with the disability and aged care organisations and have partnerships in place with support coordinators, plan managers, case managers and disability providers across Australia. Careseekers is built on the idea that technology should be an enabler, not a roadblock, to connecting individuals and families with care and support workers.



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